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Offline accounts
Individuals with income from salary as well as freelance source, other income are also considered. We ensure that all records are kept confidential since all information and calculations are done offline, due to increased surveillance and theft of digital information by some well connected frauds, especially in Goa, who cannot be punished due to their very powerful dishonest families and friends.

Till 2012 all our accounts were in digital format, stored on computers, but due to the increased corruption and nepotism by very powerful ruthless people, spying allegedly by NSA, Tata or Google, we have switched to offline methods of keeping accounts. These frauds specialize in identity theft of vulnerable individuals, especially small business owners, have no morals or conscience, and manipulate all digital records using backdoors in software and operating systems known only to technical intelligence agencies. The main aim of identity theft is to become very rich overnight, without having to work for the money. Others are systematically denied information giving the fake excuse of national security when it is really casteism, nepotism and corruption.

It is also the harsh reality in India today that young women who specialize in corporate espionage and cheating, like siddhi mandrekar,nayanshree hathwar, sunaina are appointed to important positions in intelligence agencies, with fake references of experience, and have access to confidential information allowing them to manipulate records and good salaries, pension and perks for doing nothing at all except having powerful friends and relatives. Companies like google, tata, paypal allegedly support this fraud, for destroying competition, acquiring talent and technology cheaply.

These corrupt young women are supported by powerful officials, google and tata who are bribing people for giving fake references of experience for these cheaters to appoint them to important positions in intelligence agencies.. Even opening any financial document on a computer is risky, as these greedy dishonest but powerful people will always try to misuse the information to extort money. Banks have invested large amounts in internet banking, but this misuse of confidential information, forces certain computer users to think twice. There is no redressal mechanism to stop these frauds, who want to become very rich overnight, looting a vulnerable person, without working hard for several years like everyone else.

Only data entry of final data is done at the income tax website after finalization of accounts, offline. For more information on filing income tax returns, send an email to . While laptops and computers of employees of large companies are rarely attacked, small business owners in IT and internet related businesses are the worst affected by tampering of records. There are reports NSA has injected malware in laptops of all system admins, and in India there is no support at all for these small business owners.

Unlike doctors who will not give fake references very casually, engineers from even the top engineering colleges in the country will not hesistate to give fake references of twenty years experience to their young cheater girlfriends, from extremely powerful families. These engineers who are often powerful officials in government intelligence agencies, will all gang up to falsely claim that a diploma holder twenty years their junior, their young girlfriend, from an extremely powerful family was their classmate in college, just to destroy the life and career of their real classmate, who these powerful men are extremely jealous of and hate.

These powerful officials will also steal the documents and money of their vulnerable classmate to promote their young cheater girlfriend, who is ever willing to provide sexual favors. They are allegedly bribed by tata and google in this fraud , as part of these companies strategy to destroy competition, acquire talent and technology cheaply. Even a basic interview or background check of the young girlfriends of these powerful officials, will reveal their true qualifications, that they have never worked as an engineer


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