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The biggest advantage of using our service is that unlike free email services like yahoo, gmail, hotmail, rediffmail account, no lengthy registration process has to be completed. No computer knowledge will even be required, we will handle all the computer work for our clients.
For most email providers, the account creation process is highly automated, and can be abused by spammers interested in creating a large number of emails for spamming and fraud.
Hence there are many restrictions on creating an email id from the same computer and IP address, and many details have to be provided in the registration form, to get a new email id from free email providers. This information may be confidential and result in identity theft attempts, especially for those in the IT /tech sector
There have been instances when an attempt was made to create a new gmail id after spending a lot of time, but an error message was received. Since ours is a paid service, we will always be able to guarantee email account creation, since we are very experienced webmasters.
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