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Inputs for email creation
The name of the client or desired email id can be sent by different methods depending on the convenience of our client taking into account the corruption and nepotism in the internet sector in India, as a result of which emails of experienced webmasters in india are stolen,
2 postal mail,
3 hand delivered
4 by courier
and then the email id details, login url, can be sent by email or any offline method.

We are currently only using offline methods for providing details to our one client, including email ids to be used, login passwords and login urls, due to high degree of corruption in the indian tech/internet sector, when greedy corrupt officials are stealing all emails of experienced webmasters.
The email id will be valid for the entire year, will not expire, even if the client does not login for the entire year, unlike other free email ids.
For any technical queries, please send an email to


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