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Email accounts for tax payers, free trial.

Get paid for every website you visit, watching videos
Bulk email accounts - With Changes in Income tax rules in India from 2014, we provide bulk Email for filing Income tax returns for chartered accountants, tax consultants, tax return preparers and other accounting, tax professionals. Free trial available. Details of individuals using free email can be provided

Though there are many websites for filing income tax returns online in India, these only consider salaried individuals, since income tax for individuals with income from multiple sources is very complicated. Hiring a competent tax consultant can reduce headaches in future and maximize profits.

Tax consultancy for
1.Income Tax - reducing tax liability, tax planning
2 Value added Tax

Accounts finalization for
1. Salaried persons
2. Retired persons
3. Professionals
4. Small business owners - especially online business owners, online publishers, earning money from online exports through Paypal.

We specialize in engineering companies, products and services. Individuals with income from salary as well as freelance source, other income are also considered. We ensure that all records are kept confidential since all information and calculations are done offline, due to increased surveillance and theft of digital information by some well connected frauds, especially in Goa, who cannot be punished due to their very powerful dishonest families and friends.

Email for IT returns - Changes in Income tax rules, Email for filing IT returns

Marketing partners needed - looking for marketing partners for providing email accounts, free trial offered.

Offline records - Reasons why some individuals/companies should not keep records in digital format

Contact - Contact details for correspondence


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