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Please send any query by email to . We are also providing a postal address since we have reason to believe that all our emails are stolen without a valid reason probably by a young diploma holder who gave her name as siddhi mandrekar, daughter of sufal, who completed her diploma in medical electronics from Fr. Agnel, goa in 2012. She has been misusuing our name, claiming to be associated with us, when we would like to file a case under section 420 against her for corporate espionage. She has allegedly got fake references of twenty years experience as an engineer, webmaster, from very powerful officials, when she has no work experience at all to get appointed to a very important position in indian intelligence agencies at our expense as reward for fraud and cheating us.
She has allegedly used the casting couch route to get great powers online including allegedly stealing our correspondence in goa. A statement complaining against her has already been given to goa police, and human rights commission of india, but no action has been taken to stop the theft of correspondence by her and her associates without a valid reason. If anyone can help us stop the theft of correspondence without a valid reason for personal gain, their help would be greatly appreciated, since she is not covered by RTI citing fake national security concerns. There are also rumours that nayanshree hathwar against whom we have complained to the bangalore cybercrime, and lazy slim bsc pass sunaina who has threatened us, with powerful dishonest boyfriends in the indian internet industry are involved in this business, who have given these women FAKE references of TWENTY YEARS experience as an engineer when these LAZY women have NO WORK EXPERIENCE and when there is no connection.
Google has launched a campaign to have 50 million indian women online, but is allegedly protecting, encouraging and supporting these young cheaters who exploit a vulnerable single woman with the help of their powerful boyfriends, especially cheater siddhi who they claim looks like kim kardashian. We are forced to give this statement, since the extremely powerful men supporting these lazy cheater women continue to spread false rumours promoting their lazy young girlfriends at our expense, creating confusion, which affects our business.
However, our clients emails from the Income Tax department are not stolen, they get delivered without any problem. A list of clients for whom income tax returns have been filed using the email ids can be provided.

Mailing address (for correspondence only = postal preferred, since couriers are threatened/misguided by the powerful young frauds)
c/o N Kumtakar
La campala colony
Miramar, Panaji,
Goa - 403001


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